Reverence for Life University - Jamaica

The Reverence for Life foundation was established in Jamaica by Desmond Green and the Jamaican prison system (see History_. Our movement is now being fully realized and our first RFLU campus is the Bay View Eco Resort.

Alligator Head Foundation - Jamaica

Committed to the RFL view of life, the Alligator Head Foundation helps us to realize that action and commitment are how the world changes. We are excited to Breath Cast the Reverence for Life message through all organizations that understand all of life is connected, via the breath. 

Maza Iipi Oyate - South Dakota, USA

Our friend Robert Horse and his team are working to bring awareness of life's full interconnected-ness. His efforts to bring a similar message of the RFL University to the prison system in South Dakota and the native people's there is gaining wonderful momentum. 

Yep It's Rocket Science - Illinois, USA

Co-founder Andy Skadberg and Sarah Ford have been blessed to help Bob Windt bring his Vision of "learning by playing" to the world in his wonderful book "Yep, It's Rocket Science". Science, imagination, experimentation and play are all combined to teach children that everything they need to learn about the world is readily available. 

Our Mission - South Dakota, USA

We are dedicated to providing assistance to all, building bridges from communities to communities and from country to country. We have a website called Maza Tipioyate, a youth preventative initiative, Native American Prisoner Caucus to address the rights of those incarcerated, and All Relations For Mother Earth which supports environmental issues. Our newsletter All Relations News is a voice for all.